Choices at Carepac

Your choice in how your prescriptions are filled:


1) Introducing AdherePac® compliance packaging to the Mechanicsville and surrounding areas. A simpler and clearer way to take medications. Just read the pouch, tear it off the strip and take your medications. Then move on with your day. No need to fill pill boxes anymore!

SamplePouchZiploc to AdherePac

  • Maintenance meds synced to fill same time each month
  • Can include daily over-the-counter meds, such as Aspirin, Fish Oil, etc.
  • Replaces multiple vials - all meds together for easy administration
  • Reminder pouches for nasal sprays, blood sugar checks, etc.
  • Each pouch with date and time, name and description of med


2) We also fill prescriptions with traditional vials



3) More options for long term care facilities are available
Contact us for additional details