About Us

Berkley and Kim       Carepac Family pic 34

Carepac’s owners are brother and sister-in-law Berkley Rayfield and Kim Kalten. Each brings valuable experiences in healthcare which have led them to the creation of Carepac.

Berkley grew up in a family of independent pharmacists and has been an independent pharmacist for almost 20 years, much of that time serving as manager/pharmacist-in-charge. Berkley enjoys serving as an advocate for his clients and cares about his patients’ health and well being. Berkley and his wife, Joy, live in Mechanicsville with their three sons.

Kim is a registered nurse and a certified pharmacy technician. Kim grew up working in her father’s independent pharmacy and has held tech positions in hospital, chain and independent pharmacies. As a nurse, Kim has worked in acute care, long term care, camp nursing and continues to work in a pediatric long term care facility. Kim and her husband, Brian, live in Mechanicsville with a son and a daughter.